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Research, design, testing, and education of the interfaces between human beings and the world around them, improving the quality of life through science and engineering.


The Institute for Sensory Research (ISR) defines itself as a world class research center dedicated to the discovery and application of knowledge of the sensory systems. Integration of engineering, life, and physical sciences, combining rigorous experimental methodology with mathematical analysis is stressed. Our multidisciplinary approach to neural engineering and sensory neuroscience makes ISR a unique academic research center.

At ISR, we study sensory systems, our gateways to the world. Our ears, eyes, skin, and mouth are channels through which we experience sound, light, texture, etc. These are functions that we usually take for granted until problems arise. Engineers, scientists, and students at ISR investigate both the basic sensory principles used by the brain, and also how the sensory systems can be best utilized, modified, and repaired if necessary to better communicate with our surroundings and with one another. In addition to basic research in hearing, touch, vision, recent projects include the design and testing of sensory-aid devices such as cochlear implants, hearing aids, ear protectors, and tactile aids for the visually and hearing impaired. Additional projects involve visual-depth perception, and personal care products.

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Robert L Smith
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